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pencil case


A pencil case (tobacco holder, document holder, pen holder...) made with recovered fabrics and screen-printed by hand. Designed to always carry with you the messages and values ​​you believe in! Handmade by a runaway.

• dimensions 10 x 20 cm
• fabric recovered from waste from local companies
• zip closure
• hand screen printed print available in 6 subjects (see below: words)
• Parallelo label printed by hand and sewn
• narrative packaging: describes the social project and the refugee craftsman who made the product by hand

accoglienza = welcome human practice on the verge of extinction that puts sharing before having, hospitality over closure. Pleasant experience, not at all dangerous and capable of enriching, giving. 
buonista = do-gooder person who stands out for empathic and altruistic behavior. The do-gooder does not give in to individualism and stubbornly believes in the defense of human rights, freedom, and humanity.
casa = home intimate and personal place, but open and shared at the same time. Whether it's a place, a person, a community, or the whole planet, home is the place of care.
coraggio = courage fortitude that allows us to face what's too hard or bigger than us. A brave person takes a stand, defends values and ideas, doesn't budge from facing injustice, and thinks and acts with brain and heart. 
futuro = future the time to come or what will happen in it. It's the place of hopes, dreams, optimism, and change: the future begins today and belongs to everyone.
gentilezza = kindness discrete and precious virtue that encloses many things: it is solidarity, attention, and generosity. Kindness livens and fills life, transforms people: it simply makes you happy
gioia = joy cheeky and spontaneous feeling, irrepressible and contagious. You can read joy on a face, in gestures, in the eyes. You have to show it to the world because it has the power to change it for the better.
gretino activist for environmental sustainability and enemy of climate change. The side by side is neither right nor left, he doesn't go to school on Fridays and takes care of our common home. 
libertà = freedom condition of those who live, think and act without constrictions and impositions. Personal and collective, intimate or public, freedom is a basic need and a conquer to defend and remember.
presente = present The time we live in, at the moment we live it. The present is the time gifted to us and the gift we give or receive. The present is being here, in all your humanity.
 sogno = dream with your eyes open or closed. Conscious or unconscious, a burning desire towards the future. Those who dream, plan and act change themselves and the world.
straniero = foreigner stranger person, unknowable in his mystery as a human being. It places us in front of ourselves and allows us to recognize, confront and grow: the stranger is in each of us. 

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Parallelo is a social lab for young craftsmen and creatives. 

We make useful and sustainable products, we offer repair services and custom-made projects, branding and marketing, workshops, and events. 

We work for the inclusion and the autonomy of vulnerable people and refugees, and we use recycled raw materials. 

We are a space for runaways from each parallel of the world.